Salsa con Queso


Could you write a concept map about guacamole? The ingredients, the methodology behind cooking, the way to perfectly sculpt the avocados such that you retain the most flavorful parts? Could you include guacamole in a concept map about envisioning the way students learn? If your immediate answer is “no,” allow us at GRS to offer a bit more perspective.

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We built concept maps in class about how students come to learn – what do they bring to the table that sets them up for success, or what do they bring that causes faults in their understanding? Daniel, Dan D, and myself worked together to think about this. We considered the power a student had. In this, we thought about their culture. Their culture became quite the central hub for extending throughout the rest of the concept map, including to guacamole (if you’re up for a more difficult challenge, Dan B’s “random” sticky note was “Pigskin”). These concept maps, aside from salsa con queso and tacos and burritos, ultimately led to a strong collaboration of ideas about how we should be developing our theoretical framework in a more solidified fashion. 

Some highlights of the week: I think it was a general consensus that Monday’s STARS went relatively well for the entire cohort. That’s quite an interestingly cohesive feat, as I’m unsure this has happened for us all before. We are at a point where Science STARS is slowly nearing its close and the East High Night of Science is in less than a week. The conclusion of STARS comes with a huge weight off of shoulders in terms of work, but the experience we have gained from STARS will certainly weigh on us in our teaching careers for an extensive amount of time.

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Another highlight was one of Sharon’s blue team members, Phoenix, joining our debriefing following lunch on Wednesday. She is a delightful girl always wanting to express ideas and was very kind in the words she had to say about us and the work we were doing. She is an excellent representation of a student who is actually taking something away from this program and makes the work at the end of the day worthwhile.

We’ll all be preparing for the big finale this week – stay tuned for a big reflection on that!

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