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We know that no matter how eloquent we may be, words just sometimes don’t say what we need them to. You can place video from other sites into your post. For example:

Here is some food for thought

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2 thoughts on “Pay attention video

  1. Hey Alicia – that was an awesome video. I wonder about the social justice issues though – every kid does not have an iPod or a cell phone. How to deal with those inequities?

    I cringed when I overheard a 6th grade teacher refer to cell phones as if every student had one – I knew several in her class that did not. How does that make them feel?

    The possibilities are amazing. There is a teacher in Colorado using podcasts for teaching content and class time for seminars and workshops. I can’t wait but I struggle with the social justice aspect of access.

  2. I love this video! Quite inspiring. I need to start figuring out how to get technology into my classroom. Access is a problem, but perhaps we can remedy that somehow. But this video did inspire me to take a look at my teaching once again, and once again try to make it even more relevant to my students’ lives. It’s really, really difficult, which is surprising because I’m not even THAT much older than them! 🙂

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