Monday the Twenty Second Two Thousand and Sixteen

Greetings! Christa here with another weekly addition of Get Real! Science!  This week we had a guest lecturer come in and work with us and what a blast we had.  His focus was to encourage us to take the step from textbook lab activity to something more inquiry based.   His first activity had us looking at hand warmers and the science behind what makes them work.Displaying IMG_0923.JPGDisplaying IMG_0923.JPGDisplaying IMG_0923.JPG Displaying IMG_0927.JPG We began by playing with hand warmers and were invited to create a model to explain what was happening to cause the heat.  He then poured a liquid (the same liquid as the one in the hand warmers) into two different dishes and we watched what happened.   –  I won’t spoil the surprise for you but it takes some thinking!

Then we were all given a life saver and told to write the time down on the board when the life saver disappeared.  This lead us to our next experiment – what factors might affect how fast a life savor dissolves?  We then split up into two groups to try and find out.  One group tested the composition by comparing how quickly each of the colors disappeared in tap water and the other tested the affect pH on the life savers.

We ended the night with an attempt at explaining how a pipette works (as it turns out, its not as easy as you would think).   The whole time, Michael Occhino took the time to stop and break down what he was doing as the teacher.  All in all Michael gave us many different ideas and the night was full of little take aways.

Remember folks, you set the expectations for your classroom – give the students a challenge and watch them fly.


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  1. I definitely agree, the night was full of takeaways. Too often I think teachers don’t think of the “take aways” the students should have for their lessons. At the end of each class it is imperative for students to walk away saying “I learned something today” or at least thinking that their experience in the classroom was worthwhile.

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