May Twenty Seventh, Two Thousand Sixteen

Welcome back energy explorers!

Wimage6hat an exciting week we had.  We talked more about what it means to be scientifically literate, we crafted investigate questions, and we even managed to get some time in the sun!  This week we continued to explore solar panels.  On Tuesday we finally made it out into the sun to see how well our cars would run.  We noted that the car would start moving immediately in the sunlight, however it would not keep a charge.  We made a few other observations in our original group before heading back inside to share our observations.  Later on in the evening we switched groups and began designing an investigable image5question.

On Thursday, those groups met up again and began taking notes in our ‘field notebooks’.  We continued to work on our investigable questions as well as listed out materials, a method, a data table, and most importantly – a team name.  (I would share our team names but they are as appropriate as one might expect from a bunch of young grad students who are tired after working all day.  Maybe someone else will share later.)

image4We also did some useful research on solar panels and photo voltaic cells.  This research was done through a series of tasks that were scaffolded for us and allowed us to go at our own pace.   We then had time to debrief on the pluses and minuses of the activity.  We are looking forward to having more time to explore in the upcoming weeks as we begin to think about our own investigations.

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1 thought on “May Twenty Seventh, Two Thousand Sixteen

  1. So fun!! Wish I was there… Christa, tell me more about the data you collected. Help me understand more details about what to expect when we use these cars for STARS…. what are some of the readings you got from your meters? What are numbers that are clearly too big or too small? What are key fundamental ideas that you all threw around?

    So glad you’re all having such an awesome experience!! Go Team Go (GTG) – Cheering you on!

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