Jenkins’ GRS Perspective

We had our second class this semester in Implementing Innovation this past week. Many of us have started our second student teaching placement (Robin you will be there soon! Alyssa I hope you are feeling better!)

Many of us are that same combination of nervous and excited to start student teaching. What will it be like to jump into a new school culture? Students have already done “school” for the last 5 or so months, how will we fit into already established classroom norms while crafting our own experience for our students and ourselves? Thankfully, this class already feels like a guide to help us be successful in this placement for the sake of students.
This class we investigated the following questions:

  1. How do we help students understand why science matters?
  2. How do we decide what science ideas and skills are essential?
  3. How do the NGSS and NYS standards support effective reform-based teaching and student learning?
  4. We were prompted to ​write blog posts​ to a middle/high school student trying to convince them a particular science topic or phenomenon is important and worth learning. We focused on quotes from a few of our blogs and had a rich discussion based on a quote from Ellen’s post: ​“Why do I gotta learn this stuff?”

“But having that base of knowledge, being inspired by passion, and using that knowledge to work toward solutions for far-reaching problems- that’s important.”

Our discussion led to conversations about if everyone has a desire to learn, if schools and teachers support learning for all students, and the purpose of schools in general. We seemed to come to a consensus of sorts that related back to our initial class – is school for producing people that are productive in society by working jobs, or is education a means to creating civically minded and engaged people that change the world through that education.

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