Homework for 10/20/08

Just in case I’m not the only one that was confused, this is the information April sent in response to my question about our homework for tomorrow:

Authentic assessment assessment -Designed for 2 purposes:

  1. to give you an excuse to CAREFULLY read the description and rubrics for project 2 (an example of an authentic assessment); and

  2. to give you a chance to mindfully consider characteristics of strong authentic assessments.

So you are to read all the “stuff” I gave you on Project #2 – in-class teaching of an inquiry, nos, and community lesson & series of 3 action research project, and then chat with a peer about things you want to get out of the project and things you think might be difficult if not thoughtfully attended to (e.g. Nature of science needs to be addresses explicitly in class; or lesson plans should demonstrate what the teacher knows about the nature of science).

Then you should score Project #2 using the questions on the sheet – either alone or collaboratively. You’ll probably learn more in discussion with someone else – especially if you and that person can stay as positive as possible. If the other person is a grumbler who has difficulty in seeing the learning potential of experiences, do it by yourself. 



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