Heyyyyy Level 3, Heyyyyy Level 3…. What’s Up With Level 2!?


We started class on Monday with a conversation initiated by our very own Cebby. Ceb wanted to have a conversation about how we are all feeling at this point in the semester. It was nice talking as a group and sharing all of our thoughts and ideas. The room was full of such support that night which is always a great feeling.

We moved on to a discussion about the readings for the week. April tried out a new piece of technology to take notes while we were discussing… if I am remembering correctly it was called an Elmo. We talked about the important aspects of “Cognitively Demanding Tasks”. Some of the ideas we came up with were the following: relevant to students’ lives, appropriate level of challenge and scaffolding, goals for the task must be realistic and can start small and grow to larger goals, have and the tasks must be robust while keeping in mind how to improve this factor all the time.


After the discussion of the readings we moved on to my video critique. I presented a video of my STARS team doing an icebreaker. This was the most fun I had seen my team have up until that point in STARS. It was also the most collaboration I saw amongst the STARS. We discussed how we can bring the collaboration and individual problem solving strategies demonstrated in the video into a scientific investigation.

We moved on to the introduction of the STARS project by April. For next week we should all have some ideas that we will be able to discuss with the class. Ideally we should have something written down that can be passed around the room but it is mostly a sharing of initial ideas about the project. If you forget the different sections, just look on blackboard at the slideshow at the awesome hashtag page.

The last part of class was dedicated to level one, two, and three responses. We were each given a glass of ice water and asked to draw a diagram and write a description. After doing this, Jessica, Ryan, Alanna, and Ceb put their diagrams and descriptions under the Elmo so we could talk about them and see the differences in their responses. It was interesting to see the different approaches everyone had made to depict the cup of ice water. We then made our way around the room to look at several examples of the same assignment and rate them as level one, two, or three responses and provide evidence for the rating. I think we all learned that Ryan is the harshest grader out of our cohort. Also… I just want you all to know that I can’t type level one, two, and three without thinking of Harambee when they all chant “Heyyyy level three, heyyyyy level three”.


For next week, remember to bring in your ideas and some physical piece of work about the STARS project to share with the class. Theoretical framework is due by Sunday. Eric is our video person for Monday and he will provide snack =)

I leave you with a festive picture coming from my apartment:

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2 thoughts on “Heyyyyy Level 3, Heyyyyy Level 3…. What’s Up With Level 2!?

  1. I love your title, except that I now have that chant in my head, which I suppose isn’t a bad thing.

    It is called an Elmo and it definitely isn’t new. We had them in high school.

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