"Exactly where I'm supposed to be"

June 20, 2012
Lisa Zeller( MS 11), sent the following information regarding her first full time teaching position in May/June:

Of her 35 students enrolled in Living Environment at the I’m Ready RCSD program, she taught 25 of them at least one day. Of those 25, she prepared 15 to take the Regents Exam. One student in particular, came to I’M READY a week after she began teaching the class and she worked before school and after school to make sure that students had enough lab minutes to sit for the final. Of those 15 students, 10 came and took the Regents.  Lisa received test scores for 8 out of 10 students and 4 of them passed. The average test score was 65.3%, with the lowest test score as a 51%.

Lisa was so excited and proud of her students she felt like she could “run up Mount Everest!” She credits the support she received from the Warner school and feels that her experiences at the I Am Ready program were critical to her development as a teacher: “I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

Mr. Brandin Jones, Special Education Teacher from School of the Arts, told Lisa: “You know the city school district needs more teachers like you… Wherever, you end up (hopefully it is with RCSD) you will make a difference!”

Lisa is looking forward to seeking a full time position in the Rochester City School District for coming year.

Congrats Lisa!

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