February 16 Class "Teaching for Understanding"

Aspects of strong elevator pitches:
  • student focus
  • sincerity and enthusiasm without hesitation (confidence)
  • personal
  • what and why
  • relevance
Reminders and side notes:
  • Objective tip for next weeks assignment: be sure that your objectives connect with your goals and essential question(s) and should be in the form of
          Given…….students will be able to……..as demonstrated by……….
  • Goals frame the unit
This week’s quiz pluses and arrows
  • opportunity to think about and submit question #8 via email
  • question #1 focuses on biology examples
  • watch wording/make sure wording has a universal meaning to decrease confusion
Wiggins and McTighe (2005) chap 5&6
  • Understanding is not being able to share facts, it is being able to apply those facts and explaining the “why” pertaining to the facts
  • Aspects that enhance understanding: understanding the essential skills underlying each concept, teaching through inquiry
Oakes and Lipton (2007)
  • Keeping students interested in the sciences: increase exposure in elementary school, learning through activity (not lecture), adequate amount of high school science requirements

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