We have all experienced fear at one point or another in our lives. Whether it be the fear of rejection the first time you walked into elementary school, the fear that the girl you have a crush on in middle school is not interested in you or the fear of failure as you start a new chapter in your life. Fear can be controlling or it can be viewed as an obstacle that by overcoming will lead you to greater possibilities. As an incoming graduate student there are many fears that I am facing. I constantly ask myself if I will be able to convey my passion for science to my students, will I be able to have a connection with my students that will last beyond the years that they are in my class, will I be able to handle the pressures that are put on me not only in my own education but in the education that I will be giving others in the near future. These are all fears that I like to think that others are feeling as well so it makes it easier for me to confront them knowing that I am not alone.

The reason that I titled my first ever blog “Fear” is due to all the reason mentioned above. I also chose that title due to a topic that is currently being discussed in another class that I am currently attending. In ED 447, Disability and schools we are being introduced to the obstacles that children with disabilities face on a daily basis. One topic that sticks in my mind is the way that they are treated by some, not all, of the adults that the interact with. I believe that this is partly due to the fear that some people have of those labeled “disabled”.We as future educators and scientists have the responsibility  to do whatever we can to destroy those preconceived notions or fears that some have about the children that we will be educating. I believe that one way to do this is by educating ourselves as well as others to the true natures of these disabilities.

I have posted a link below to a recent Time magazine article on the study on the origins of Autism. There are many theories on Autism that effect not only those in education but communities in general.The amount of children that have been diagnosed as having symptoms on the autism spectrum has been steadily increasing over the years.The cause of autism is still unknown and the research is still in the early phases so I believe that this is will be a field that will be coming up with new theories on a regular basis and directly effect our teaching styles. Hopefully we as educators and scientists can help to dispel some of the  fears, myths and rumors that started early on in the search for a cause. We can help to educate not only others but ourselves on what is needed to ensure children with disabilities get the education that they deserve and alleviate some of the fears that many of us carry around about someone or something that we do not fully understand.Overcoming theses fear hopefully will lead to a better educational environment and start to dissolve the separation from society that is a part of  their daily lives.


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2 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Thanks for writing this. Fear is definitely a powerful tool and an effective motivator, but only in the short-term, I think. I’m always trying to work against my own fear of the other/unknown and toward its opposite, which I believe is love. Sounds cheesy, but I’m increasingly convinced that it’s the only way forward. Now, how to be less afraid of snakes…

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