EDU 486 Kick-off

Michael and Andrea are excited to be teaching together this summer. The group has clearly has a successful start to the program, and we are looking forward to learning together.

We started class by exploring the notion of technology by discussing and creating a concept map together. The questions we grappled with were:

  • When have you seen technology used badly?
  • When has technology been used exceptionally well?

The group talked a lot about the use of technology in our world, and the positive and negative implications. After presenting our concept map, Michael asked if the marker we used on the board should be considered technology????  Hmmm…we will all continue to ponder what we consider as technology.


Our initial concept map

As we continue to explore inquiry in this course, Michael showed us again the GetReal! Science visual, and the importance of recognizing and gaining understanding in the conceptual notion of  science inquiry as well as the pedagogical notion of science inquiry. As we get ready to teach students as part of the camp this summer, we will more specifically move into the pedagogy of science teaching.

We watched the video Private Universe-Minds of our Own from the Annenberg Foundation and further contemplated learners of science and how we can better consider the student’s misconceptions. A few of the key messages of this video:

  • you cannot assume that what is obvious to you is obvious to your students
  • engaging the mind is very different than the traditional notion of teaching.

Check out the link to the video!

What was on the side “unseen” And…no touching the cube or the foam mat

We presented our claims on the board.

Our Claims

Michael announced that we had been awarded us a grant so that we could secure additional tools to help us determine if our claims needed to be revised.

Who knew that lifting a cube with a “liftum” while trying to use a “see-er” could be so challenging! After using our tools, we revised our claims. The activity was engaging and allowed us to work together in small and then one larger team.


After the cube activity, we briefly discussed self-determination theory by Deci and Ryan, and how the theory relates to what we just experienced as learners. Specifically self-determination theory supports the importance of providing choices of learning, tying the learning opportunity to something people are motivated to do, and giving work that is appropriately challenging.

We reviewed the syllabus, as well as each assignment. Each person was given an opportunity to rank order their preference for the focus of the first assignment, mini-professional learning and “depth” research. After considering each person’s choices, the partners have been established-see below. Michael and Andrea were able to give each person their first or second topic choice. Content area teams are not necessarily together for this assignment, which will bring new opportunities for learning to each individual!


Our teams for our assignment mini-professional learning and “depth” research

Our next class will be to read and participate in an online discussion module on Blackboard.

(anyone wondering why Jo Ann posted this?  was she a fly on the wall in the class? or did Andrea write it and send it to her to post? hmmmmmm)

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