Good day folks! It’s Christa again for my final class post for 486.

As you would expect, we started our day with a discussion of APK and how we felt it went.  We talked about how we used techniques from Domain 2 in The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 Edition, by Charlotte Danielson.  After we assessed ourselves, we began to talk about what we learned from the students.  We brainstormed topics we felt they understood and topics we felt they needed more support in.


We identified 3 key areas that we felt were important to develop and support with the campers.  All in all we were pleased with the information we learned.  Special shot out to Ella’s Blog and her beautiful info-graphic that summarizes the information her group learned from their activities.

Afterward we shifted gears to discuss our reading The Culture or Power and Science Education: Learning from Miguel, by Barton and Yang, 2000.  During our discussion, we again used the website Today’s Meet to have a written, digital discussion as well as a verbal discussion of the readings. However, this time we set up parameters for the site.


Being explicit on how we were to use the site allowed us to add to the discussion without getting distracted.

When discussing the reading we talked about the pervasiveness of the white male dominated culture of science and how that can isolate and be unrelatable to students from different cultures.   We discussed ways to bridge the gap between the two cultures, such as a gallery walk that shows a diverse group of people represented doing various activities but the common factor is that they are all scientists.  An important point that we highlighted was the idea that there should be some way to validate the student’s culture within science.

At the end of class we gathered back into camp week mode and started to come to a consensus on what types of tools we are going to use to assess the campers and what sorts of objectives we might have for them.

All in all it’s been a great week and we are over half way done with class! (Although we still have a lot more to go!)

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