Day Four: Evening the Scores

Throughout this week there have been incredible highs, and discouraging lows. Sometimes we have some control over the situation. Sometimes we can adapt in the moment and bring our campers to a new form of engagement. But then there are times when the bus left early and never picked the campers up. We consider ourselves lucky that the meta-plans of this week have gone so well, so far. But sometimes, things happen, and today those things got us off to a slightly late start. The bus arrived at last at the University at 10:31 am. With that in mind, the cohort adapted our plans stunningly!!!

We started the day with a quick energizer. Sharon led the camp in an activity colloquially known as the “clapping game”, a concentration game.



From there, we as a camp sprinted into our mornings, to complete what we could with the time given. The Wind Team leaders led their ilk into a room where we proceeded to cut out all usage of English. Daniel use American Sign Language, Ella use Chinese, and I danced around a bit like a fool. Using our choice forms of communication, we conveyed to the campers that they had a graffiti board to fill!

2 3 4

The campers got very much involved in the responses, and this all led to a deeper and deeper consideration of all they have accomplished this week.

Building off of that momentum, the team split into three and took another look at graphically presenting their data. Based on their graphs, each team made conclusions about the findings at the beach. Once they all had conclusions, they shared them with campers from the other small groups, ultimately forming a unified conclusion, which they expressed with images. These images were displayed on the sidewalks with chalk for the campus to see!!!

During lunch today, we gave the three teams a quiz to work on as groups, asking questions about all aspects of camp, from facts about the Great Lakes to which of the leaders are (kinda) married to each other.


After lunch, the Wind Team went out into the campus to make use of some of the public spaces. We went to the Information Technology Center and split into two groups. Daniel worked with a handful of campers to start authoring a rap about the week’s investigation. When I checked, they had developed quite a few verses for our presentations. Ella and I took the other half to look into the great big world of Infographics. After studying some examples of infographics from newspapers and websites (and one we created for our previous investigation), we dove into to start building our own visual representations of the big picture of our investigation. Some of the campers worked with data presentation, some worked on beach visualizations, while some worked on looking at designing a team avatar.

Untitled Infographic

We ended the day with an awesome relay race (Thank you Christa!) Involving hula hoops. “Human Horseshoes” involves team members throwing a hula hoop, trying to land it on another team member who has hands together up in the air. (This looked super fun!)

It is honestly hard to believe that this camp is already so near its conclusion. Connections with the campers (now scientists) have grown and changed and transformed so rapidly. Though my aching muscles and sleep debt protest, I will dearly miss working with this group. My team has never stopped amazing me with their depth of thought and budding love of science. That said, I look forward to our final full day with the lot of them.

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