Rocks, ROC History, and the Nature of Science

Greetings! It is my (Danielle’s) pleasure to share with you the going-ons at East and Warner this week. I am not part of the teacher cohort, but I am a researcher on the GR!S team and will be offering a more outside-of-the-classroom perspective
At East
Over four days, GR!S accompanied eight classes on their field trips to the Gorge. This trip was the anchoring experience for the seventh grade science classes. However, it also served as an anchoring experience for the Theory and Practice course. In last week’s blog, James and Olivia talked about how the trip  situates scientific learning here […]

The story we choose to tell

Every day, a million times a day, we have the opportunity to construct stories of the events of our day… starring the characters of those we live life side by side. We get to decide if we cast them as heroes or villains. We get to decide if we celebrate or judge them. We get to frame – and therefore impact – their real, life reality.

When asked without much time to consider, this is the story Mike Calzi decided to construct:


  And that positive story about our students at East is what people who read yesterday’s Democrat & Chronicle […]

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Red Carpet Premier at the Cinema – Our Screening

On April 11th, Science STARS had its Red Carpet Premier at the Cinema Theater. We put all the kids’ names up in lights not he marquee, we screened our 4 movies for this year, the STARS shared personal “Ideas worth sharing” that they learned from their work in STARS, and we engaged attendees in a really thoughtful discussion after the film. Our attendance wasn’t quite as strong as past years, but we more than made up for that with our program. The youth saw an audience full of both familiar and unfamiliar faces as they owned their work in […]

Science STARS Shine Bright!

In January, we had an AWESOME news piece done on Science STARS in the Genessee Valley Parent – I go back and read this article any day I need encouragement. I am so grateful for this reporter’s dedication to telling the STARS story. Its a 4+ page story that really captures many of the things we are trying to do.

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