The Calm Before the Storm

Monday, July 20, 2015


7 Wonders of the World, 7 diatomic elements in their standard states, and 7 days left until camp!

The GRS cohort started this week off strong, with spirits held high as we enter our final week of preparation before camp week.  We began our Monday with a little “As you enter” activity, posting our thoughts and ideas from our last set of readings.

We followed immediately with our reading discussion, sharing our ideas from our critical commentaries and teasing out what bringing meaningful, authentic science inquiry into the classroom might look like. Daniel shared his question about inquiry, […]

Summing Up, Going Back, and Moving Forward!

With sharp minds and warm hearts (and yes, a few sunburns too!) already piqued from an exciting day of data collection at Ontario and Durand beaches, the Get Real! Science teams hit the ground running this week with:
Topic of the Day

… and Grafitti Board!

In our Topic of the Day, we considered teaching practices that we felt were exemplified during our time in 487. We’re not just thinking meta about data anymore, but about class too!

Our attention was then turned to our Graffiti Board, where we returned to our initial model of integrating science and literacy that juxtaposes the natures […]

EDU 487….began again!

May 19, 2015…. Captain’s Log… (actually a co-Captain with Mike and Sean)

Personal stress level at an all time high.  One would think that after 31 years teaching at the high school level and another 7 at the University level, I would be over the first day jitters… nope, not true.  But soon as my co-instructors walked in, personal stress level went back down to zero.  This is the third time that Mike, Sean and I are facilitating this course.  We start planning months in advance…we review our goals, talk about what we could do better/different, and begin to map […]