Day Three: Unity is a Guarantee

Day 3 was indeed turned a new chapter in our investigation and our camp experiences. The Get Real! Science Camp has transitioned from the wonders of field work to the depths of laboratory work. The campers arrived at the University to start their day with an energizer which shed the barriers that came with team formation.

“The Great Wind Blows” when we are united together as one camp!

From here came the biggest decision our cohort has made so far in planning this camp. The teams spent the morning cycling around three stations, each run by a mixture of us camp […]

EDU 486 Begins Again!

Hello all and welcome to the Get Real! Science show featuring none other than myself, Daniel, as your host for this evening.


EDU487, Integrating Science & Literacy ended last week with each participant, student and teacher alike, walking away having gained a lot from the experience.  Then, 4 days later, we assembled back in our classroom to start the next piece of our journey, EDU486, Integrating Science & Technology!

Of course, it began with some art:


Our class continued with some fairly thorough introductions.  With that I’ll give a shout out to our new cohort-mates (Christa & Chelsea).  With primary introductions finished, we […]

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