Rocks, ROC History, and the Nature of Science

Greetings! It is my (Danielle’s) pleasure to share with you the going-ons at East and Warner this week. I am not part of the teacher cohort, but I am a researcher on the GR!S team and will be offering a more outside-of-the-classroom perspective
At East
Over four days, GR!S accompanied eight classes on their field trips to the Gorge. This trip was the anchoring experience for the seventh grade science classes. However, it also served as an anchoring experience for the Theory and Practice course. In last week’s blog, James and Olivia talked about how the trip  situates scientific learning here […]

Manganese: How do we plan assessment?

Greetings All! Welcome back for another week of GRS class reflections, and another week in the world of chemistry! Today’s element is Manganese, which is responsible for the brilliantly purple color of the permanganate ion as well as a diverse group of other oxidation states and colors.

Tonight we talk about assessment and the importance it plays not only in unit design but also in redesign and revisitation.
Andrea began our class with a few well-timed words of wisdom, talking about reflection as a critical component of teaching -> always want to be reflecting during and after our lessons and using […]

Learning from an other’s perspective

A major strength of a rich and diverse professional education community is the multiple and varied perspectives offered and considered by members and applied to practice because of this “meeting of the minds.”  While we have reaped the benefits of this community amongst ourselves as an ED 434 class composed of members from many content fields and walks of life, it is often an outside guest perspective that really pushes us to consider our positions in context and engage with opposing, tangential, or differently-framed points-of-view.  This was no more evident than in our most recent class meeting, where we […]

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We started our class at 5:30 pm in a room of East High School first time. It was a good experience.

We all were a bit tired after the stars expo at east high but we started our class with fresh minds and participated well. We all were actually happy of having a great and successful stars expo. In starting of the class April asked us to write about Pluses and Arrows for the stars. Everyone shared the ideas that they learned and the experiences in stars expo.

After that April showed us the agenda of class.

Then I started my circle. […]

I am stuck on coming up with a title, so let’s call it Collaboration!


Class on Monday was refreshing and great! We finally got to put a name to a face (Welcome Dan D.!) and put a face to a voice (Welcome Sharon!). It was great to finally be able to have (almost everyone) in the same space, but we missed our other links to our puzzle (Chelsea and Daniel). Here is an update of what we did! This is a picture of the objectives that were listed on the board when we entered the classroom.



When we entered the classroom, we were asked to write on the whiteboard strategies we used to understand […]

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People first and foremost

EDU434 class1 – Getting started

Blogging our weekly class blog involves some scribing (documenting what happened) and some interpretation (as author of the blog post, sharing my own interpretations and takes) as well as some teaching, questioning and resource sharing to support the community in our collective work.

Okay… here goes (note: I’m going to author the post before creating a title, so my title can represent a core idea that I write about)

The goals of the course include:

Developing a deep theoretical understanding of how people learn science in order to….
Unpack what it means to teach students science in effective, student-centered […]