Last Monday, we had our last class meetings at WOIS. We presented our posters and discussed on them. We learned how we can improve our posters in order to give messages to the audience clearly. In the last post, Heather perfectly summarized our discussions and findings.

In this post, I just mentioned what Theory and Practice in Teaching and Learning Science course contributed to us and why we loved to be in this atmosphere.

We learned many fundamental theories related to science teaching and learning. Each week, we had the topics related to science learning. We read many readings on science, constructivism, socio-cultural constructivism, language-participation, motivation, culture, identity, and argumentation-assessment. At the end of the term, we realized that we learned the basic theories related to science learning in details.

We breathed in the school atmosphere, together. Some weeks, we met at WOIS where we saw the science equipment, the students’ projects, and all other stuff. We could take in the same air with the students. Moreover, some weeks, we had the teachers from WOIS and other schools. They shared their experiences with us. These were also so valuable moments for us because they were the people who could teach within the real environment. They shared many memories from their classes.

We practiced our learnings related to theories. We constructed the theoretical framework by using our readings. It was not easy for us because we needed to practice our learnings. For me, I read the same readings many times and I tried to combine them. This practice helped us to investigate the theories in more detail. In this way, we became more experienced related to our knowledge of theory. Then, we prepared the lesson plans. It was the time to show our learnings on the floor.

We shared the energy of being a part of this class. Some weeks, we shared the projects about recycling, some weeks, we talked on the experiences with our little friends. But, all the weeks we shared the enthusiasm of learning. That’s why we could not say bay at our last class.

We learned a lot, we shared a lot… Thank you for everything, April. And, all the friends…