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I've taught for over 9 years as a high school Biology/Physical Science/Life Science/Biotechnology instructor, and as a curriculum designer and teacher trainer and director for a small career college in Maryland. I am now starting the next leg of my journey into the PhD program in the hopes that one day, I will be able to support, train and assist my fellow colleagues in their own career and educational paths.

Engagement and Context

I’m stuck on chapter 9 of Settlage and Southerland’s Teaching Science to Every Child.  In this chapter, the authors describe the five phases of a learning cycle model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate.  From my observations of classrooms, as well as my beginning observations of STARs, I wanted to discuss the first E: Engage.  Settlage and Southerland describe “engagement” as when the “teacher taps into student backgrounds as a way to lead into the topic they are to be investigating” (p. 220).

How do we engage our students into the conversations?  In looking at reform-based teachers, engagement includes framing […]

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Thank You Mr. Johnson

I wrote this post almost two years ago on a blog – it was during a time in my life where I was desperately trying to cling onto my identity while most of my soul was being shredded thin by overwork and politics in the corporate world.  Reading the poem tonight on Mr. B made me want to repost and share this – it took me back to my roots.   My inspiration and passion for teaching and Biology came from my high school Biology teacher, Mr. Johnson.  I’ve tried for many, many years to try and locate him […]