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Going Big

Let me give you two grand statements about the way in which complex biological organisms operate:

Complex biological organisms, like humans, maintain internal balance by relying on the interworking of complex systems of organs.

The health of any system requires that all it’s parts are able to adapt to each others’ needs. When that doesn’t happen, the system cannot be healthy.

Both of these statements successfully capture what they set out to describe. Which one is better? You might, and not without a reason, say that it is of course the first one. After all, it is the only one […]

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Like a Bat

What would it be like to see the world like a bat?

Bats are truly fascinating animals, and not only because they are the only mammals who have wings. Bats also have a very unique way of perceiving (seeing) their environment. Even though bats have perfectly good eyes that they use to navigate their surroundings during the daytime (nope, bats are not blind), they don’t actually rely on them when they are hunting for food. You see, bats are nocturnal, meaning that they spend most of their waking hours during the night, when their eyes can’t actually be of much […]

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