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The Nature of Science?

September 29th, 2014

We began class with some delicious treats as always, which was then followed on some reflection about the inquiry cube activity we did over the summer.

This began us starting on our focus of the day: “What is essential to know about the nature of science, and why?”
Some of us recalled how we came together as a cohort, to figure out the “mystery” of the cube, which increased our chances, and provided us with more tools to use. As we thought about it we began to make a list of both the Characteristics of Science as a Discipline, […]

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A potential milestone…

First and foremost, I would like to thank Jazzy Jess for giving me the opportunity to blog about our first official experience interacting with learners.

So let us begin…

Our cohort was greeted by a very energized and welcoming “good morning” chant as we approached the entrance of a summer school program on Wednesday, July 16th. Once in, we found ourselves engaged in a morning ritual known as Harambee. Harambee is where all of the “scholars” of the program, and their “servant leaders” come together and get pumped about learning, pumped about life, and pumped about being who they are. They […]


Another wonderful class, full of fun, skills to use in our own classroom, and science.

As we entered, we grabbed our “Discussion Preps” and handed our journals over to Jo Ann. Below are the prompts used to get us thinking/writing about the readings we had due for today.

Our topic of the day was “Big Ideas” of Science:

After everyone was done, Jo Ann made mention that Ceb (notice no training wheels) was the most quoted person in last week’s class. When asked to quote 3 classmates’ ideas from that class, ALL of the Cohorts used Ceb.

We went over some investigation concerns:

-We […]