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CI Reflection for Water Quality

For our concept interview we start out by asking the kids the question, “What can you tell us about the water cycle?”  This question was used to access the kids prior knowledge about the cycle and to get them thinking about the flow of water on the surface of the earth.  As a whole their responses were great!  For kids lacking some knowledge about the water cycle or were shying away from participating we had a picture of the water cycle we referred too so all could participate even with a little help.  Their responses were used to guide […]

Fair Testing- EDU 486 Concept Interview

What our activity was:

Two tests, the first comparing one cold soda and one warm soda (one either sprite or 7up), the second comparing one flat soda and one carbonated soda. We had the kids taste and then choose which they preferred, discuss why, and then if they thought it was fair test, and why or why not. The table below shows their choices for the two tests and their initial reactions on fairness before any discussion.

What some of the kids said:

Test 1
Test 2

A – not fair, one pop was flatter
A – not fair, one pop was flatter

B – not […]