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The week of May 31st

Hello Again,

Paige here reporting for the classes of May 31st and June 2nd. We have done so much in such a short amount of time due to the fact that this is a very large course being squished into a short time frame.

On Tuesday (5/31) we discussed the beginnings of our science investigations that were discussed the previous week. We used our inquiry maps to record our thoughts and findings and implications for future experiments. The goal of this project was to take on the role of a science learner to be sure we truly understand what the students […]

We’re getting towards the end folks!

Hello All!
Today we had a bunch of informational portions of class, with the underlying dread of having big assignments due in the next couple of weeks.
We opened the class by writing buzz words around interviews on the board, some of which were differentiation, standards, collaboration, reflection and regents.

Next we had a presentation by Dan B. who spoke about the NSTA conference that took place in Nashville, Tennessee. Dan and two of our other classmates went to this conference, and Dan shared many experiences¬† they had in Nashville. The two scaffolding questions were “What do we get from attending conferences/PLs?” […]

February 22, 2016; where some questions were answered and others surfaced

Hello, Paige here, back at it this week on the group blog, here we go!

This week’s class was about the pros and cons of the teaching world on many different levels. We started off with discussing a set of words with a partner and organizing them how we felt they fit together the best. This gave us an opportunity to get our minds working toward a common goal in an informal space.

After discussing our progress on our innovative unit plan and our readings for the week, we moved into an activity called who? what? why? This is an activity […]

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I am stuck on coming up with a title, so let’s call it Collaboration!


Class on Monday was refreshing and great! We finally got to put a name to a face (Welcome Dan D.!) and put a face to a voice (Welcome Sharon!). It was great to finally be able to have (almost everyone) in the same space, but we missed our other links to our puzzle (Chelsea and Daniel). Here is an update of what we did! This is a picture of the objectives that were listed on the board when we entered the classroom.



When we entered the classroom, we were asked to write on the whiteboard strategies we used to understand […]

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