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Uncovering Big Ideas and Finishing Up An Experiment

We had a very exciting class last Monday as we continued our work creating innovative science units for our placements this spring. We began class by brainstorming skills that a teacher will need in order to be successful as an educator in the 21st century. It was extensive, unfortunately the photo size exceeds what I am able to upload, perhaps a photo savvy reader might be able to help me resize it!

We spent last class looking at the big ideas of our unit and deciding on what the critical understandings we wanted our students to walk away from the unit were. […]

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What a science classroom can look like

I have been asked before to share some of my experiences from working at Barrie Prep in Silver Spring, Maryland. As I have mentioned before I taught for four years there, prior to returning to Rochester to attend Warner. My time at Barrie exposed me to many of the more progressive and reform based science practices that I have been learning the theory behind; in particular constructivist education practices. My first year at Barrie we began to integrate Project Based Learning using the Buck Institute for Education model for PBL, which was really perfect timing for me as a first […]

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What I hope for…

As the new New York State science standards begin to be rolled out this summer and into the next school year there are a few things that I hope for as it happens. Before I begin though, I should let you know a little more about how I see effective science instruction happening.

It is my belief that knowledge is active and is transmitted best through the continuity and interaction of direct experience. This is a belief that influences daily my mission and philosophy surrounding my role as science teacher; a role that has allowed me to fulfill a fundamental […]

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Generating a sense of community amongst students and faculty is an important goal as the first few days of school turn into the first few weeks. When we feel apart of something, integrated into the experience, we are forced to become active participants. A sense of community is an integral part of generating this integration. If you have read this Blog you may be realizing that I speak often and highly of the school I left in order to return to Rochester. So I want to apologize for starting to sound a bit like Phoebe but I would like […]

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