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High Inquisitor

Greetings readers!

Please transport your self into a magical world of J.K. Rowling’s creation and revel in it’s awesomeness. Now remember those pages (or minutes for movie fans) that were painful to read because Dolores Umbridge made Harry’s and the readers life a living hell. We sat there smacking our heads because what she was saying and the things she was doing seemed so outlandish and ridiculous that they had to be fiction. While some were obviously just that, the punishing blood quill for instance, other things may not have been as outlandish as one might think. Please watch the […]

February 27th Class

This week in class we teamed up with another group of students to tackle the challenge of lesson planning for language learners. First, the science students were exposed to what it feels like to be completely out of our element even when talking about science because we had a lesson given to us in a different language. After we worked together as groups and tried to get through the questions and quick quiz we switched back to English and discussed the difficulties of what we had just done. Then with combined groups, science and TESOL candidates, we started to […]

Who is your champion?

What does it mean to you to be an educator? Many teachers believe that the end all be all is to impart knowledge on the students in front of them. As Rita points out in this talk, in order for kids to learn they have to like you. The counter argument to this is quite obvious, ‘I don’t have to be a students friend in order to teach them’. While experts say the right balance is somewhere in between. Everyone has their own teaching style, and that style can fail and succeed in the same class in the same week. […]

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This Week in GRS

This week in GRS we resumed our talk about what teaching in a 21st century classroom means to us. Our opener for the class focused on the difference between ‘Cover’ and ‘Uncover’ curriculum. That is to say, the difference between discovery based education and education strictly concerned with covering the curriculum or the standards posed to the educators. (see below)

After the opener was finished we focused in on these guiding questions for the night;

What are the critical elements of a successful reform-based science classroom?
What are the implications for professional learning of the reform-based classroom/NGSS?
What is understanding?

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Greetings readers,

Rarely do I endorse or read articles that just redundantly repeat stats to illustrate the same point but from time to time there is an article or resource which when read strikes a key with me and imprints on me, but not in the way you would expect. This article goes through the demographics within schools and within the United States in general to hit home the point that the aging white demographic is no longer the dominating presence within schools however it is the dominant presence within the administration of those schools.
But school leaders should bear in mind […]

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What is Success without Trial?

Welcome to November one and all and happy good luck day (well almost 11/11/16). We have concluded the after school program with graceful fanfare and a very successful showcase night. This experience provided some of us with a whole new view of teaching. Not just dealing with the students but constructing a meaningful investigation with an end goal in mind.

With the conclusion of our technology class that went along with STARS we come ever closer to the end of the semester. The final class the cohort participated in a panel discussion where April posed us with questions and 3 […]

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Looking forward to STARS in the Fall

Hello savvy readers Mike here filling you in on the most recent week in GRS. So our class Science and Literacy is coming to an end as does some of the cohorts first semester at Warner and others last semester.

For Tuesday (because we only had class Tuesday) we brought together previous and current GRS students and started brainstorming and and planning for the STARS program in the fall. Besides the 5 new cohort members everyone in the room had experience with the program and was eager to help the new members out.  To keep the explanation brief, we are […]