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Here are some of the ideas that came out of our group discussions as well as quiz comments.
(from Wiggins & McTighe, Chapters 3 and 4)
*Setting Goals- As a teacher it is important to establish goals before instruction. We need to keep our goals in mind when designing lessons and making assessments. We must make sure instruction and assessment align with our goals.
*What makes a Good Goal- Good goals are the key to good teaching. A good goal is one that promotes student understanding. When developing goals we need to ask: What do we want our students to know? […]

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Get Real Assessment-Class Notes 10/13

Authentic assessment is work that allows students to see “what adults really do with their knowledge” (Wiggins, p.25).

Teach People, Not Science.

So let us not forget the human factor to teaching science.

The agenda for the day started as follows:

Types of Assessment
Authentic Assessment
Innovative series of 3 lessons

When we plan our lessons we must remember these 3 components

Objectives- What we want our students to learn or take away from the lesson
Assessment- How do we know we have meet our objectives
Activities- What additional things can we do to reinforce our learning objectives

Why Authentic Assessement? Reasons included (not limited to) student motivation, instructional tool […]

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