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Investigable Questions

This week in class, we talked about investigable
questions. Asking questions is a critical part of science. Wondering about the
world and questioning the human experience has inspired many a scientist.
Asking “why” will inspire the scientists of the future, as well. I believe that
the old saying, “no such thing as a bad question,” has merit.

However, not all questions are created equal. In
science education, we focus on a particular type of question – investigable
questions. Asking questions is one of the Science and Engineering Practices
defined by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Other practices include
Planning and Carrying Out Investigations, Analyzing and Interpreting […]

On Reflection

As part of the certification process to become teachers in New York State, my cohort and I will be completing the EdTPA. Robin and Sam both talked a bit about the EdTPA in recent posts (here and here, respectively). If you missed that, basically the EdTPA involves recording yourself teaching and analyzing your performance. I really dislike being filmed and judged, so I have been trying not to think about it.

It’s coming though. We have been talking about the EdTPA in class over the past couple of weeks, so the denial thing hasn’t really been working.  At the same […]

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