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Mazeltov to that!

Title: Mazeltov to That  (reporter-Chelsea; posted by Jo Ann)

In the past week, we have watched campers from the Freedom School venture on an expedition in learning about environmental science. They started the week unknowing of many of the tools we would use to investigate the water, but by presentations yesterday, the camp leaders were kicking back and listening to the campers explain everything to their younger peers at the Freedom School. The consensus across cohort debriefing was that all of the campers had stepped in as the leaders of the presentations while the camp leaders were all able to […]

EDU 486 July 17, 2015

Good day folks! It’s Christa again for my final class post for 486.

As you would expect, we started our day with a discussion of APK and how we felt it went.  We talked about how we used techniques from Domain 2 in The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 Edition, by Charlotte Danielson.  After we assessed ourselves, we began to talk about what we learned from the students.  We brainstormed topics we felt they understood and topics we felt they needed more support in.

We identified 3 key areas that we felt were important to develop and support with the campers.  All […]

486 Class Blog 715/15

Yesterday we had our first introduction to the campers, and what an exciting day it was! We began bright and early with a trip to the Freedom School to watch how they start their day. We were immediately welcomed to the school with chants of ‘Good morning!’ and it was not long before everyone came together to begin harambee – which, in Swahili, means pull together. Harambee is a celebration of the day that gets the students excited and moving. Talk about high energy!

We then took a short break for breakfast and meet back at the Freedom School to […]

486 Class Blog-7/13/15

Hello everyone!

Week 3 of classes has official begun and to start us off we had the pleasure of watching the Horizon program start their day. Talk about energy! It was a great reminder that we need to have just as much energy on Wednesday when we travel to the Freedom School and assess the camper’s prior knowledge (more on that later).


We then made our way back into the classroom for a discussion of the three readings; Using Mobile Devices in Field Science by Huffling et. al,. 2014, Choosing Apps by Design by McTighe and March, 2015, and Digital Backchannels: […]

EDU 487 June 23…. presentations and a step back in time

Captain’s Log… second last voyage of the journey….

Topic of the Day… EDU Memorable Moments


Graffiti Board… graph your day


For our read and think piece… we looked at a list of 21 Things every 21st Century Teacher should do this year….


we found that in EDU 487, we already had done 6 items off the list (thankfully we had done a parody…. Flat Bottom Clouds, make the water cycle go round)!

We did a first look at the Inquiry Maps….thought about noteworthy practices and questions we would like to ask.

Then on to the final presentations.

Team Superior Vena Cava led the charge… with an amazing […]

WGRS 104.5 team member Xiaoyu reporting in…

Hi guys! Here is the reporter from WGRS104.5 team. The following is yesterday’s “news”:

Part 1-Seminar:

April first answered Daniel Zucker’s blog question: How to get notification from other’s blog update?

And all stars are given a NGSS handout, understanding about the Nature of Science. Each one has picked three items that matched their 10 slides of investigation story most. Let’s do some review to recap the Nature of Science:

Scientific Investigation uses a variety of methods
Scientific Knowledge is based on Empirical evidence
Scientific knowledge is open to revision in light of new evidence
Scientific models, laws mechanisms and theories explain natural phenomena
Science is a […]

We’re all “hot”… EDU Class blog by Tingyu

EDU 487- Jun 09, 2015 “Everyone is hot’’

Topic of today… “Temperature check”

Each team felt “hot” (followed our plan and have collected data) about our investigation.

Instructors thought we did very awesome jobs in our investigation.

Graffiti board

Each team presented what we did in our investigation by only using graphics without any word.

In Dan, Ian, and Xiaoyu’s team, they tested the number of bacterium in 6 spots along Charlotte beach and across the pier. In Daniel, Sharon, and Tingyu’s team, they test the water situation and record Meta data on Durand beach and Charlotte, each beach test 5 spots. They data they […]

June 4…back to the classroom…

Seminar: read the article: Research on Yellow Perch raises management question, identify and note examples of Nature of Science you find in the article.

After reading and recording out thoughts, we had a pair and share and then a group share.

Daniel: Science isn’t static; new evidence, models change

Ella: starts with a scientific concern-impact on the environment-encourages activism around the concern, advocating for change

Sharon: experts communicate ideas to each other and to the public

Dan: Science has power

Ian: Language in science is powerful-“native perch” has connotations vs “alien” and “invasive”.

April: Science gets pushed forward through diverse perspectives.

from the Meyer and Crawford reading… […]

June 2… best laid plans… part two

So, I never quite got to the reason for the title on the last post…. and sure enough it was an apt title for this day too… if you could see the teacher editions of the agenda for both days you would immediately understand the titles.  We do plan, and needless to say, probably over plan.  And so I shouldn’t be surprised when we need to make changes to the agenda, slashing and burning things we really hoped to accomplish.  “Never do today, what you can put off for tomorrow”… hmmm, a dangerous philosophy but sometimes one necessary to […]

EDU 487-May 28, 2015 “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men..

Regardless of the hours spent planning, revising and tightening up plans, talking the plans through with the co-instructors, there will always be one of those days that brings to mind the quote from a Robert Burns poem: “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ men/Gang aft aglay”.  Check out what Wiktionary has to say about this phrase at :
It is Thursday, so the group gathers before class for an hour seminar.  Seminar is meant to enhance and support the work done in all of the GRS core courses.  Our “fearless leader”, April, has joined us again for the second […]

EDU 487-May 26, 2015

Before class we got an article from today’s newspaper… an article on Blue-Green Algae…
Blue-green algae Democrat_and_Chronicle_20150526_A05_0
Out of the Classroom… into another type of classroom….Genesee Valley Park at the Boathouse

Topic of the Day… Models….done on our personal sized white boards… here are a few:

Graffiti Board….visualizations which come to mind when you hear the word: model

For the written portion of the “As you Enter” assignment…folks were asked to author a syntactic model, specifically a metaphor, using a science tool as a metaphor for oneself. JoAnn gave this example they were given:
Tool-Microscope: microscopes can give us a view of normally unseen vistas allowing […]

EDU 487 May 21, 2015

Topic of the Day… Nature of Science…


Graffiti Board … illustrate a water cycle word or process…

For the written portion of the “As you Enter” assignment, folks were asked to consider three statements; to choose 2 to interpret and reflect upon. The statements were inspired by the readings; the interpretations and reflections should offer a window into the thinking about those readings.

1. “Science is at the frontier of knowledge and ignorance.” Neil deGrasse Tyson

DZ shared this thought: Science is about accepting that we do not have all the answers, and simultaneously about having the drive to pursue them!

SD quoted from […]