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Heyyyyy Level 3, Heyyyyy Level 3…. What’s Up With Level 2!?


We started class on Monday with a conversation initiated by our very own Cebby. Ceb wanted to have a conversation about how we are all feeling at this point in the semester. It was nice talking as a group and sharing all of our thoughts and ideas. The room was full of such support that night which is always a great feeling.

We moved on to a discussion about the readings for the week. April tried out a new piece of technology to take notes while we were discussing… if I am remembering correctly it was called an Elmo. We […]

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“An Outstanding Technology Fair”

Well guys, Summer B is officially in full swing. One project down, many more to go!

We began class on Monday with a few housekeeping notes:

We are going to continue to observe Ramadan; therefore no snack list will be necessary for this class. We all have exchanged contact information already but Michael and Andrea need to be in this loop! Make sure you all put your phone number into the notes app on the iPad. Tiarra and I have already done that, so you can just add to that note! For those who are interested, there will be an opportunity […]

We are all on a “Spectrum of Right”

6/5 was a Thursday, therefore: Seminar + Class

In arriving to class, Jo Ann had something from April to show us; April brought two packages of “Warner Biscuits.” One package was double stuffed, for “Jessica and her friends” and the other package was single stuffed, for “me (Jill) and my friends.” A big thank you to April for accepting our different Oreo identities, and helping us avoid another friendly argument 🙂
Let’s start with seminar:

Jo Ann provided us all with a syllabus for seminar (that can be accessed on blackboard). After allowing us to poke through the information on blackboard, we […]