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LabQuest and Probeware

LabQuest and Probeware Blog Post:
LabQuest Overview:
The Vernier LabQuest is a remarkable piece of equipment that can be an important hands-on tool to engage students in the classroom or out in the field. LabQuest can be used as both a hands on device or in conjunction with a computer or calculator to collect and analyze data. This device can be an integral part of the learning environment. It gives students the opportunity to collect the samples, test the samples, collect the data, analyze the data and take notes about their observations all on the same device. This opens up the […]


We have all experienced fear at one point or another in our lives. Whether it be the fear of rejection the first time you walked into elementary school, the fear that the girl you have a crush on in middle school is not interested in you or the fear of failure as you start a new chapter in your life. Fear can be controlling or it can be viewed as an obstacle that by overcoming will lead you to greater possibilities. As an incoming graduate student there are many fears that I am facing. I constantly ask myself if […]