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Day Five: And believe it or not, we’re alive!

“This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.” -GLaDOS


Looking back on this wonderful experience, I cannot decide whether it has all gone by incredibly slowly or blindingly fast. At time, it feels like we’ve been working on this program for a month rather than a week. But seeing those scientists (campers) depart for the weekend, I found myself saying “It’s over already?”

Friday was certainly an awesome, yet chaotic, day for GRS! We started (and ended) the day with a very fun energizer (Ahhhhhhh Big Booty).

From there, the sprint to the […]

Day Four: Evening the Scores

Throughout this week there have been incredible highs, and discouraging lows. Sometimes we have some control over the situation. Sometimes we can adapt in the moment and bring our campers to a new form of engagement. But then there are times when the bus left early and never picked the campers up. We consider ourselves lucky that the meta-plans of this week have gone so well, so far. But sometimes, things happen, and today those things got us off to a slightly late start. The bus arrived at last at the University at 10:31 am. With that in mind, […]

Day Three: Unity is a Guarantee

Day 3 was indeed turned a new chapter in our investigation and our camp experiences. The Get Real! Science Camp has transitioned from the wonders of field work to the depths of laboratory work. The campers arrived at the University to start their day with an energizer which shed the barriers that came with team formation.

“The Great Wind Blows” when we are united together as one camp!

From here came the biggest decision our cohort has made so far in planning this camp. The teams spent the morning cycling around three stations, each run by a mixture of us camp […]