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Snow days and “seat time”

Just as a record-warm February lulled us into a false sense of Spring, a snowy March swept in like, well, a snow storm. Two snow days and a two-hour delay later, some of my students lost over two and a half hours of Earth Science last week. The snow days arrived at the end of our unit on Rocks and Minerals. Initially, the students were destined for a rock lab and final rock and mineral lab quiz. However, as snow days erased instructional time from the calendar, I had to make adjustments. The new question became, “How do I […]

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March 6th Class Blog

Tis the season to write our Innovative Unit plans! This week the GRS Cohort focused on building best practices into our six-day innovative units. We started our day by responding to key questions about how we could best support our all of our students and engage them in meaningful experiences as scientists. This picture shows our thoughts about strategies we could use to increase opportunities and access of science learning. 

Along the same vein we then discussed and traded strategies to infuse our lesson plans with cross-cutting concepts and scientific and engineering practices. As a cohort, we examined each of the scientific […]

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Vet tech, not vet?

Context: The following conversation occurred at a rural public school in western New York, in a town with a relatively low average household income:

– “She wants to be a veterinary technician.”

– “Not a veterinarian?”

– “We have to be careful about encouraging students to pursue realistic goals.”

When a teacher and I had this conversation, I struggled to wrap my head around what he was trying to tell me. I thought to myself, “Shouldn’t we, as teachers, encourage all of our students to pursue ambitious career goals? Why would we encourage this student to become a vet tech, when she could be […]

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Girls in science classrooms

A few weeks ago, I started student teaching at a rural public school in western New York. After my previous student teaching experiences in Rochester city and suburban schools, nearly everything about this rural setting seemed different. Surprisingly, the biggest change at this new placement wasn’t political climate, socioeconomic demographics, or student personality…it was gender.


From the moment I stepped into the classroom, I thought, “Wow, this is a difficult environment for girls.” The distribution and division of male and female students caught me off guard. Nearly all the students in the class were boys. Startled, I counted the number […]

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Advocating for collaboration in schools

As a preservice teacher, scanning the horizon for first-time teaching positions, I always seem to be refining my interviewing talking points. I began noticing certain buzzwords flitting into my speech. As I say words like, “multi-modal,” “engagement,” “technology,” and “collaboration,” I imagine administrators checking off boxes in the handbook of education catch phrases. Of course, all of these words have value–that’s how they became buzzwords in the first place. However, I find myself wondering how many education professionals define these terms.

I’d like to focus particularly on the term “collaboration.” What does this mean to teachers, administrators, students, parents, and […]

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What has the 2016-2017 GRS Cohort been up to?


As we start new semesters and prepare for our last student teaching placements, we begin to think critically about what our classrooms will look like next year. In this week’s seminar and EDU 448 classes, we began envisioning our ideal 21st century science classrooms.
We started EDU 448, by brainstorming our perceptions of the “important 21st century skills” we hope to teach our students. As future teachers, we aim to prepare students for the lives they’ll lead in the 21st century. 


After reviewing our notes from the Costa Kalick article, we engaged in a “what if” dialogue. We took turns […]

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Sorry, I can’t hang out, I’m busy sciencing

“Is it seriously mid-June already? What happened to the last two weeks of my life?” I’m pretty sure most of us in EDU 487 felt like this at some point during class. This week was crunch time for our Investigative Design projects and Christa’s face pretty much sums up our feelings about the workload… (Not that we’re complaining of course. It all turned out great, I promise!)For Tuesday each group wrote a rough draft of the final paper, prepared a first attempt at the presentation, and began their inquiry maps. Andrea kept us in good humor, and asked us […]