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Day 2-Getting fame

Today we continued our exciting, fun and tired work about our water quality study.

An energizer-hoora game activated students to keep energy going.

We started with some review of last day’s work and formulate an investigable question after group discussions.

Then campers went to the beach with scientific tools and equipments to continue collecting data for a refined investigation. What special today is our program is getting fame! Rochester local media came to interview what have done with the beach and water of Lake ontario and how does it impact to education and local community.

Check out how famous we are:



The data we […]

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A hot hot day!! Camp Day-1

Camp day 1

What a amazing day! GRS cohorts are the best! We worked late last night and arrived beach at early morning, 8:00am.  A full preparation has been done quickly and WE ARE READY!! Check out how ready we are.https://sciencestars.smugmug.com/20152016-GRS/2015-Summer/2015-Camp/2015-Camp-participants/i-FQzFm2J

When the temperature went to 77’F, GRS Camp started going hotter and hotter. Three teams, GREEN-earth, BLUE-water, WHITE-wind, had a color competition with super high energy. Captain Planet, Mother Earth and Moon participated our amazing skit and energize campers with a big show! See more videos on Smugsmug https://sciencestars.smugmug.com/20152016-GRS/2015-Summer/2015-Camp/2015-Camp-participants/i-LvSxKw2. We also announced our Science Star rule.

Then we split into groups to […]

Water Issues in China

I sit in front of my computer screen and reflect my experience these weeks in this course, a word buzzed in my mind “water issues”. We have been through the investigation process in course project to address local Rochester water issues. I immersed in the investigation process and think about how I could contribute for the group and the project. However, just recalled by Dan’s saying in the class, as a teacher, we have to alarm ourselves often, about the objectives of the activities we designed. Why should we do that? As far as I know, the objectives for […]