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APK of Modeling Station

Group 2: John, Maeghan, Megan, Kristine & Emily

Report Sheets:
Group 1: Name is in red
Group 2: Name is in green
Group 3: Name is in blue
Group 4: Name is in purple

Is the globe a model?
Is the map a model?
Is the picture a model?
Most helpful in explaining the seasons
Most helpful for trip from NY to CA

I’m not sure
“You could use its movement to determine were weather and stuff come from.”
“You can show which direction you want to go and come from.”

“It shows were it’s cold or hot and it also show the equator so you know if it’s how hot or […]

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4/6: Reflective Teaching Practices

Bellwork: In groups of two we spent time reflecting on the following points of this weeks readings:
List 3 strong reflective practioneer practices: (following is a comprehensive list)

Consider different points of view
Examine consequences beyond the puzzle
Pose the problem differently
Constant reflection (Before, During and after)
Knowledge-in-action (reflect on your own experience and/or research of others)
Don’t wait for problem to arise
Realize that your practice can always be improved
Question the power relationships that may be implicit in your practices
Look beyond the classroom to realize limitations and opportunities from outside constraints
Question practices that seem to make teaching easier
Actually apply lessons learned
Lessons learned must be feasible […]

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Authentic Assessment: Notes from 10/20


Change in the reading for technology week (week 11): Luehmann & MacBride (instead of Frink) on Blackboard
Homework for next week: Learning Styles Inventory
November 25th: STARS Reports Due
December 1st: Presentations
December 8th: Submissions & rest of presentations

Objectives: Students will be able to-

articulate multiple purposes for assessment
articulate multiple benefits for writing detailed lesson plans
connect strong grounded practices with theoretical support
draft 3 possible foci for mini action research

Conversation with Jenny Peck (7th grade science teacher @ Rush-Henrietta)

Jenny has implemented a “menu” style curriculum into her classroom. She created this curriculum in response to her concerns about making grading and assessment explicit and accessible […]

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