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A-B-C, Easy as (Level) 1-2-3

It’s already mid-October, fall is in swing, as every coffee shop has something pumpkin spiced. Family showcase was in a few short days and Collaborative Conversations a few short weeks away. There was a lot to do, but not before Ryan gave us non-vector folk some physics schooling.

The snack array/dinner for some of us is starting to follow a trend.

If there isn’t hummus, grape tomatoes, grapes, and oreos, it might as well not be a GRS snack/dinner. I don’t know why those became the staples, but it’s one of the more nutritionally balanced sets of food in during the […]

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We’re Reached Critical Sass

Ah Friday. Time to learn, and apparently turn the sass-o-meter to 11. Right from the get go it was full of light-hearted whimsy and heaping spoonfuls of the aforementioned sass. It still boggles my mind that two months ago, we were all complete strangers. Below was the agenda for the day, which we  got through and got through really well despite the energy overload of Friday. We didn’t get to work time but we won’t mention that.

First thing we did was a quick debrief on what we thought were some good practices used by the freedom school.
(I missed […]

We see CC’s

With today coming to an end, we have two classes left of Summer A. Holy cow, does time fly or what?

In seminar we were not on the same page in terms of location…



We were on the same page reading over the NGSS and Framework K-12. We first perused the sites individually and then with our specific projects in mind. There is a lot of text on these sites, and some of them can get really, really, really, really repetitive… But it is a helpful resource for when we will be designing our own lessons. So read up everyone!

Snack as […]