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Engaging Students in Science

Howdy all,


Welcome back for another exciting round of the GRS weekly class blog. This week the major topic discussed was student engagement.  Student engagement through literature, through technology, through questioning, and the like.


Class began with a group discussion on our reading this week: The Way Students Want to Learn by Laurie O. Campbell and Dara Williams-Rossi.  The reading delved into a variety of technologies that may be used to help engage science students.  However, as the discussion continued each of us in the classroom picked apart the piece of writing to demonstrate that assuming engagement comes with technology is a slippery […]

Start of a New Semester!

Howdy, hello, and welcome to the first blog post of the semester!!!  This is Daniel leading you on an exciting round of EDU 448.


Class began with a 3-2-1 with each person sharing 3 experiences they’ve had since they left for winter break, 2 areas of improvement they feel they need to focus on in their teaching, and 1 side dish to reflect the GRS program.  To share all of this would take an entire blog post, but to summarize:

DZ – My Brother Got Married!!! – GRS is a side dish of mixed potatoes
CS – I got a Boo Boo 🙁 […]

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An investigation or three

Howdy GRS Blog readers,


This is Daniel reporting in for this past week’s class blog.  It’s been a while, I’m sure you’ve missed me.  Without further ado…


This past Monday was focused primarily on participating in the “doing” of science through investigation.  We were first prompted with cups, raisins, and some sprite.  We were to place the raisins in the cup and see what the effect of the carbonated beverage was on the dried fruits

if you’re interested check it out here:

We made observations, and inferences about the causes for the dancing raisins.  In the end however we were all geared and […]

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The Who, What, and Why, of Professional Development

Hey all!


I hope you didn’t miss me too much since my last post (2 days ago).  Well I’m back for a final time this session with my last class blog.  So brace yourself, because this class was jam-packed!


It all began with 2 truths and a lie, a well known ice-breaking activity to help us all get to know one another a bit better.  Lies ranged from people’s college majors, to more outrageous claims (check em out below). More interesting however, were the truths.  Apparently one of our cohort faked a marriage for a year.  Who knew??? In any case, we […]

EDU 486 Begins Again!

Hello all and welcome to the Get Real! Science show featuring none other than myself, Daniel, as your host for this evening.


EDU487, Integrating Science & Literacy ended last week with each participant, student and teacher alike, walking away having gained a lot from the experience.  Then, 4 days later, we assembled back in our classroom to start the next piece of our journey, EDU486, Integrating Science & Technology!

Of course, it began with some art:


Our class continued with some fairly thorough introductions.  With that I’ll give a shout out to our new cohort-mates (Christa & Chelsea).  With primary introductions finished, we […]

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“You can’t heal a gunshot wound with gauze…”

Howdy y’all,

My name’s Daniel and I’ll be your captain for this June 11th class recap. Now buckle up and enjoy the ride!


As we’ve done every thursday for the past 4 weeks, at 3:30PM SHARP, the Get Real! Science summer seminar began.

A lot was done, and a lot was said during our hour together, but the focal point of the discussion was on the 2015 8th Grade Intermediate Science Test (See picture below).  Each of us shared our experiences in taking the exam, and our thoughts about the test.  Here are a few thoughts by some of my classmates (Quoted as best […]