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3/16 Scribe Post

Bellwork: Venn diagram on how to move lessons towards inquiry (last week’s reading), the rhythm of teaching (this week’s reading), and how they go together

Last week: start specific and open it up, starts off teacher centered and moves away

This week: IRF instead of IRE, encourages tentative answers, find a piece that is right and move it forward (shaping with your position of authority, starts out broad (with all the kids ideas) and attempts to focus in on a concept (towards the scientific story), teacher’s role to shape the conversation

Both: identifying misconceptions, the five E model, start off with […]

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Classroom Management

I apologize for the late post; I decided to do zero work over vacation and forgot about my responsibility to blog.

With the help of JoAnn Morreale, we explored all the various aspects that are encompassed by the term “classroom management.”  As the most effective way to teach classroom management, JoAnn taught our class using the techniques as she presented them to us.

From the very start, with a new desk layout and a bell work designed to cater to the various intelligences.  Each of four groups took on a different task, ranging from listing components of classroom management to drawing […]

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