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May Twenty Seventh, Two Thousand Sixteen

Welcome back energy explorers!

What an exciting week we had.  We talked more about what it means to be scientifically literate, we crafted investigate questions, and we even managed to get some time in the sun!  This week we continued to explore solar panels.  On Tuesday we finally made it out into the sun to see how well our cars would run.  We noted that the car would start moving immediately in the sunlight, however it would not keep a charge.  We made a few other observations in our original group before heading back inside to share our observations.  Later […]

Monday the Twenty Second Two Thousand and Sixteen

Greetings! Christa here with another weekly addition of Get Real! Science!  This week we had a guest lecturer come in and work with us and what a blast we had.  His focus was to encourage us to take the step from textbook lab activity to something more inquiry based.   His first activity had us looking at hand warmers and the science behind what makes them work.  We began by playing with hand warmers and were invited to create a model to explain what was happening to cause the heat.  He then poured a liquid (the same liquid as the […]

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Feb. 1st

Week 2!

Hello there, this week your fearless blogger is Christa, so get excited.

We started class with a free write in response to the question:

Do teachers teach students to learn or do they teach students to think?

This lead to an interesting discussion on which position resonated with us more.  As usual, there was some disagreement in our group which helped enrich our conversation.  In the end everyone had excellent points that helped us challenged how we view our roles as teachers.

After spending some time looking closer at our Unit Plan project requirements, Paige gave us an excellent talk on some […]

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