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Getting Energized about Energy

Welcome back to the Get Real! Science blog! Chelsea here telling you all about how the first week has kicked off. We’re back in school for the summer and ready to get energized about learning about energy. Half of us (myself, Paige, and Christa) will be finishing up this summer, while half of us (Mike, Heather, and James) have just joined the program and are eager to learn the ins and outs of what it is the program is all about.

Back to the point about getting energized: what are all of the things we can do with energy? In […]

Salsa con Queso

Could you write a concept map about guacamole? The ingredients, the methodology behind cooking, the way to perfectly sculpt the avocados such that you retain the most flavorful parts? Could you include guacamole in a concept map about envisioning the way students learn? If your immediate answer is “no,” allow us at GRS to offer a bit more perspective.

We built concept maps in class about how students come to learn – what do they bring to the table that sets them up for success, or what do they bring that causes faults in their understanding? Daniel, Dan D, and […]

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