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April 13 – Mock Interviews!

Class tonight was mostly taken up by the mock interview sessions, and we started out with some bell work to get us thinking about the goals that we had in our interview sessions – or in future real interviews. (Such as: articulating our teaching philosophy, talking about a particular lesson plan…)

The weekly quiz was focused on synthesizing all the ideas and theories and philosophies and concepts that we have been reading about and trying to put into practice all semester long . That’s a lot to ask for in six questions, but the class had a lot of excellent […]

Student Checklist Templates

Please feel free to download these word doc templates of 2-column and 3-column student checklists that I used along with my lab activities. (Just fill in, print & copy, then cut into 2 or 3 strips.)

I collected them once or twice to see which students were using them. I also made lots of references to the checklists in class, such as:

“Look on your checklist for what to do next.”
“OK – you can check off the first item on your checklist!”
“You can find the formula you need on your checklist.”
“If you aren’t sure what to do next, look at […]

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Safety Week! (plus technology stations, and a paper due in 146 days)

Part 1:

This week we had an awesome guest, Dr. Lorriane Sheck, who teaches chemistry at School Without Walls, and is also the Chemical Hygiene Officer at SWW. Previously she taught Chemistry at Edison, and was also the CHO there.

Dr. Sheck provided us with a great overview of safety in high school science classrooms. This is a topic that I didn’t even think about for a second when I was applying to Warner and trying to imagine myself as a high school science teacher. I thought about explosions and cool demos, but I didn’t think about students with asthma, dealing […]

Track the Science Cohort Blogs Painlessly – Really!

These instructions are only for Google Reader. If you use gmail, you automatically already have access to google reader. (You can try importing the teacher feeds xml/opml file into other reader programs, but the universe may explode or something.)

Importing the Science Cohort Feeds in one shot:

1. Go to this URL: http://server79x.net/grs/ (clicking it will open ina new tab or new window)

2. right click and do “save file as” to the file there named “google-reader-subscriptions_grs_teachers.xml” (This is a file with JUST the XML feed addresses of the science cohort, painstakingly crafted by me.)

3. Save the file to your desktop.

4. Log-in […]

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Why Does Science Matter & What Are The Competing Stereotypes? (now with bonus Inquiry Cube activity)

[Constructed in class (EDU434) on Monday Sept 8, 2008]
(higher-res versions located here)
Why does science matter?

What are the competing stereotypes?

Inquiry Cube Activity (class discussion)

Inquiry Cube Activity


* What’s inside it
* Why are there numbers?
* Does it open?
* What’s on the bottom?
* What’s inside?
* What holds it together?
* Why are there different colors?

What’s on the bottom? (Do not touch turn lift or open!)

2 (pattern – missing number)

2 (opposite sides add to 7)

purple 2 (purple numbers are prime)

green 2 (even numbers are green)

2 oriented same as 5

Characteristics of Science

o Starts with a question
o We make observations
o Look for patterns
o Use observations and […]

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