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February 23: Developing Assessments

This weeks class focused on stage 1 themes to prepare us to look toward assessment!
How well do you understand Stage 1?
To answer this question we were all asked to write, then post on the bulletin board, our stage 1 questions/observations.  Our questions/observations were used to create the four emergent themes/core big ideas, which were:

Relationship Questions – levels of essentialness
Relationships between objectives and “knowledge & skills”
Where do the standards fit? –>Goals and understandings
Development of knowledge & skills

Picture 1: Four Emergent Themes/Core Big Ideas

Picture 2: Our questions/observations that fit under theme one and theme two

Picture 3: Our questions/observations that […]

Integrating Technology – Notes for 11/17

Our objective for this weeks class focused on integrating technology.  After we heard a two minute sales pitch from a member of each of the six technology stations (Smartboard, Dabbleboard, Infiinite Campus, Voicethread, Podcasting and HotChalk)  we were to choose three to visit and learn about their affordances, limitations and possible ways each could be integrated into the science classroom.


Affordances – Interactive technology that engages students, Teacher or Student Centered, provides a window to student thinking

Limitations – cost of purchasing, requires training to learn how to use efficiently and effectively

Ways to integrate into the science classroom – […]

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