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Almost done with GRS class #3!

We had a busy day on Monday, 11/17.

First, lets get the most important part of class over with:  Warner Biscuit Flavor of the Day:  Lemon

First, we did a role play where one of us played an administrator, asking frequently used interview questions, and the other played a teacher.  Ceb asked me challenging questions about how I use technology in the classroom, etc, but I think I survived the interview.  Only time will tell.

Then we watched my video, where I taught my students about safety and the lab procedure.  My classmates gave me useful feedback about my directions and classroom […]

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Camp starts a week from today!

After receiving our tie dyed shirts, we began class.  I was going to post exciting photos of us posing with our tie dyed shirts, but Jo Ann stole my thunder below.  She has every right to do this, however, because she took the photos then provided them to us as a hard copy, via e-mail and then on her blog.

Also, we stayed at her house well into the night dying our shirts on Friday, and may have dyed her basement floor and her lawn various colors.

Because we had already begun discussing our camp goals and objectives in Seminar, Michael […]

Back to the classroom………or the stream?

On 6/3 the class met back in the classroom.  As we entered, we wrote some things we liked about our field exploration.  It was hard to narrow it down!

Needless to say, the class enjoyed the chance to get out of the classroom.

We then began documenting our observations from the fieldwork and sorting our questions into non-investigable and investigable.  We discussed these questions as a group, finding that many of our questions were not investigable.  Some could be changed to investigable.  We began to think about which questions we might like to investigate over the next few weeks.

Next, we discussed […]