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This is Daniel reporting in for this past week’s class blog.  It’s been a while, I’m sure you’ve missed me.  Without further ado…


This past Monday was focused primarily on participating in the “doing” of science through investigation.  We were first prompted with cups, raisins, and some sprite.  We were to place the raisins in the cup and see what the effect of the carbonated beverage was on the dried fruits

if you’re interested check it out here:

We made observations, and inferences about the causes for the dancing raisins.  In the end however we were all geared and ready to move onto bigger and better investigations.  Intro mentos and diet coke.


We all went outside and witnessed a scientific phenomenon that you should definitely try at home.  If you want to learn more about the experiment check out the following clip here:


Prompted to author investigations on mentos in carbonated beverages, the class split into three teams, focused on a number of different variables related to the topic (Does thermal energy affect height, does kind of carbonated beverage have an affect on height, does the number of mentos have an effect on height?  Is there a relationship between the kind of beverage and the height of spray?)

Of course, we followed safety procedures:



In the end, we walked away with graphs such as these:


All in all, the discussion had thereafter revolved around the importance of providing opportunities for engagement in authentic scientific experiences and ideas for ways to build towards that in our STARS projects and eventual classrooms.

All in all, a great set of investigation, but we were left wondering what this experience would have been like with non-science students.  What extra measures would need to be taken for novice scientists and what scaffolds would need to be in place to facilitate their transition into the science community.


I hope I’ve left you with some thoughts, some insights, and some laughs. Have a nice weekend everybody!

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