Almost done with GRS class #3!

We had a busy day on Monday, 11/17.

First, lets get the most important part of class over with:  Warner Biscuit Flavor of the Day:  Lemon

First, we did a role play where one of us played an administrator, asking frequently used interview questions, and the other played a teacher.  Ceb asked me challenging questions about how I use technology in the classroom, etc, but I think I survived the interview.  Only time will tell.

Then we watched my video, where I taught my students about safety and the lab procedure.  My classmates gave me useful feedback about my directions and classroom management skills.  A discussion was had over whether I should have warned my students that their safety goggles are likely to be uncomfortable.  Some thought that I shouldn’t have, and some thought that it was good that I did.  Ultimately, I think a happy medium would have been better.

We then created a monitoring chart for keeping track of how Ceb and Eric’s students do on a photosynthesis project.  For this project, the students must create Tweets as either oxygen or carbon dioxide.  We created a chart of what is required as students do the project, giving the teacher the opportunity to quickly check off what was done, and what wasn’t.  April made a point to tell us that the goals of monitoring and sequencing are very different, asking us to refer to page 53 in 5 Practices.

We talked about Ms. Nichols, a teacher discussed in 5 Practices.  Ms. Nichols picked certain students to share when discussed a project as a class.  We looked at why she chose these particular students.  Some ideas included:

– Using work from a fictitious or anonymous previous student to show a mistake without making a particular student feel bad

– Going around the room and evaluating student work, allowing you to know the whole story of what every group is thinking

– Not accepting any volunteers to share information, because volunteers are often the same students.

We then had a peer consultation with Jessica, Jill, and Tiarra, who had finished their mini units by this time.  Each showed us what she had the students do and what assessments she used.  Jessica told Andrea and I about how she and Jill taught their students about orbitals and electrons, showing us student work.  Their project included some creative ideas, such as moving from one stool to another after being given a fruit snack (idea here), simulating receiving energy and switching orbitals, having the students bite Wint-o-green Lifesavers and see the spark they make, and spraying certain elements on fire to see what color the fire turned.  (For the record, my students overheard the lifesaver activity and were very jealous.)

My favorite thing that Jessica and Jill did was this:


They made a video of Jessica running around LeChase and Jill as the news reporter, and then had the kids do an experiment to determine which elements were stolen, and therefore who was the burglar.

Spoiler alert:  It was Jessica

April then showed us the unit paper rubric and discussed expectations for this paper.

unnamed Rubrics inside of rubrics inside of rubrics.

We discussed what we should do to prepare for Collaborative Conversations, which will be on the last day of class, 12/1.  We are to prepare a 7 minute script about what we have learned, and where we want to go, including an interactive piece.  This image should help:


In addition to what is listed in the above photo, we should also be prepared to ask Logan questions about classroom management.  There is no blog due this week.

Aaaaaand last but not least, we watched Jessica’s video, in which she almost died jumping off of stools.  I’m pretty sure everyone liked it except for Ryan.


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