reminder, clarification and announcement

Hi all –

REMINDER: Please complete both sides of the learning styles inventory (bright green sheet) you were given in class.  That will make our time with Mike DuPre most productive – he can focus more on diversifying instruction and assessment and less time on tallying & addition 😉

The next two comments are just for pre-service teachers – Emily, Ashley, Donna & Jason, feel free to read, but these things don’t really pertain to you.

CLARIFICATION:  I made a mistake about “official observations” for Fall.  Only your supervisor will  formally observe you in the fall BEFORE your 4-week student teaching. Michael will formally observe you once during your 4-week placement and once during your 8-week placement.  That will reduce the amount of scheduling that you need to do – just set up a date with your supervisor.

ANNOUNCEMENT: As I announced at the end of STARS yesterday, in response to your feedback and in an effort to allow you to spend your very valuable time doing what you do WELL, instead of doing a million things, I have changed the requirement regarding “Warner School” lesson plans.  I want you to do only one Warner-style lesson plan sometime before the end of November, and turn  it into me for feedback. You can use the MODIFIED version for any other lessons including observations with your supervisors as well as for your series of three / inquiry, nos and community lessons.  The MODIFIED version was created in collaboration between Michael and me based on your feedback about what you feel is essential as well as what we feel is really important.  Again, INVEST what you need to make it a meaningful learning experience for you. (The MODIFIED template will be available for you on blackboard under Course Materials by Friday. I want to pass it by your supervisors for their feedback before I post it.)

hope this is helpful!

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