A hot hot day!! Camp Day-1

Camp day 1

What a amazing day! GRS cohorts are the best! We worked late last night and arrived beach at early morning, 8:00am.  A full preparation has been done quickly and WE ARE READY!! Check out how ready we are.https://sciencestars.smugmug.com/20152016-GRS/2015-Summer/2015-Camp/2015-Camp-participants/i-FQzFm2J

When the temperature went to 77’F, GRS Camp started going hotter and hotter. Three teams, GREEN-earth, BLUE-water, WHITE-wind, had a color competition with super high energy. Captain Planet, Mother Earth and Moon participated our amazing skit and energize campers with a big show! See more videos on Smugsmug https://sciencestars.smugmug.com/20152016-GRS/2015-Summer/2015-Camp/2015-Camp-participants/i-LvSxKw2. We also announced our Science Star rule.

Then we split into groups to work. Three teams energized campers with ball toss to build the team and help campers know each other.



Team energizer -Ball tossing 


And then, three groups distributed handmade journals that all campers will make their own during whole camp. With Editors’ letter, team leaders brought water issue of Charlotte beach to campers and enhanced their awareness of water quality on Charlotte beach.

Campers formulated groups to conduct observations of different sites at pier, beach and water. And they recorded amazing observations and shared with group members.

More investigations have been done after campers discussed with initial investigable questions. They worked as scientists to collect more data by using scientific tools. Everyone experienced fun and serious part of doing science of collecting water sample and tested variables such as pH, bacterial and temperature.



Water sample collecting 



Data Recording

This is really a hot hot day. And science investigation is going hotter and hotter in Charlotte beach!

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