486 Class Blog 715/15

Yesterday we had our first introduction to the campers, and what an exciting day it was! We began bright and early with a trip to the Freedom School to watch how they start their day. We were immediately welcomed to the school with chants of ‘Good morning!’ and it was not long before everyone came together to begin harambee – which, in Swahili, means pull together. Harambee is a celebration of the day that gets the students excited and moving. Talk about high energy!


We then took a short break for breakfast and meet back at the Freedom School to prepare for our APK.

Ian, Ella, and Daniel represented 3 different scientists,


Sharon and Chelsea drank gross looking water,


And Dan and I (Christa) talked about water and stuff.


Between our three groups we got the campers thinking about how they can make scientific observations, what makes our water safe, and what types of materials water brings with it when it moves.


Now that we know a little bit more about what the campers already know we can create a better experience for them in two weeks. It’s hard to believe that camp is almost here!


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