486 Class Blog-7/13/15

Hello everyone!

Week 3 of classes has official begun and to start us off we had the pleasure of watching the Horizon program start their day. Talk about energy! It was a great reminder that we need to have just as much energy on Wednesday when we travel to the Freedom School and assess the camper’s prior knowledge (more on that later).


We then made our way back into the classroom for a discussion of the three readings; Using Mobile Devices in Field Science by Huffling et. al,. 2014, Choosing Apps by Design by McTighe and March, 2015, and Digital Backchannels: Giving Every Student a Voice by Carpenter, 2015. While we had our verbal discussion we also set up a digital discussion on https://todaysmeet.com/EDU486DiscussionGroup.


Our discussion began with students expressing their concerns for students who do not have access to technology at home. We found that none of the papers adequately addressed low socioeconomy outside the classroom.

From there we quickly became distracted by what was being posted on the backchannel as many of us found it difficult to read the chat thread and pay attention to what our fellow classmates were saying at the same time. The new questions became centered around how effective these technologies would be once students were used to using them, and how much time we would be willing to take in our already packed courses to teach new technologies with time is a valuable resource.

In the end there was a consensus that knowing how to use technology is an important skill for the 21st century and it is worth carefully considering what technologies should be brought into the classroom.


This lead perfectly into our next activity where we looked at 7 different resources that we could potentially use in our classrooms.   Our favorite was Zaption (zaption.com). Zaption allows you to edit and create interactive videos. Students can answer questions within these videos which are recorded to easily assess student understanding.


We ended the class with a dry run of Wednesday. We each shared the activities our groups have planned to asses the prior knowledge (APK) of the campers so we can have a better idea of what they do not know going into camp week. This gave us the opportunity to get some critical feedback from our peers and professors.


Tune is next time for:

More pictures of class activities

Report on our APK

and much more!


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