3/16 Scribe Post

Bellwork: Venn diagram on how to move lessons towards inquiry (last week’s reading), the rhythm of teaching (this week’s reading), and how they go together

Last week: start specific and open it up, starts off teacher centered and moves away

This week: IRF instead of IRE, encourages tentative answers, find a piece that is right and move it forward (shaping with your position of authority, starts out broad (with all the kids ideas) and attempts to focus in on a concept (towards the scientific story), teacher’s role to shape the conversation

Both: identifying misconceptions, the five E model, start off with an experience (even if it is very simple) and add layers to it as you move along (towards complex)

Often, the two sides appear to be opposing or working in opposite directions; moving towards inquiry fits in at the initial portion of the M&S rhythm

Move ownership to students over the course of the year while each unit starts out open ended with all the students’ ideas and wraps up with the scientific story

Conversations should revolve around the implementation of our innovative units, ground our innovative unit in theoretical frameworks that we have been developing

Full time grad school and teaching is hard, here’s a checkup

On a scale of 1-10

How are you doing with identifying what’s most important every day?

How are you doing with balancing those things?

How are you doing with owning your own stress? (I’ve got this; these are decisions that are within my control)

How are you doing at seeing your successes and evidence of growth (stuff that works)

Discussion with Thomas and Andrea from last week

Split into two groups; each discussed a lesson that could be more innovative and some ways to do so

Pitches from last week – an innovative unit based on iwaswondering.org

Recapped pitches from last week and gave the rest of the pitches

Spent time working on developing our innovative units

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