Before closing the semester…

Last Monday, we had our last class meetings at WOIS. We presented our posters and discussed on them. We learned how we can improve our posters in order to give messages to the audience clearly. In the last post, Heather perfectly summarized our discussions and findings.

In this post, I just mentioned what Theory and Practice in Teaching and Learning Science course contributed to us and why we loved to be in this atmosphere.

We learned many fundamental theories related to science teaching and learning. Each week, we had the topics related to science learning. We read many readings on science, constructivism, […]

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Science for All

This evening the masters and doctoral students presented to science teachers at The World of Inquiry School, School 58. Masters students focused on their best lesson and presented the components of their unit bundle that make a highly effective science unit. The doctoral students presented their work from the science lessons on social justice, identity, respect, and indigenous knowledge.

Sherin and I presented on our studies in social justice in science education. Sherin focused on increasing access to science in informal spaces, specifically after-school programs. One of the key-takeaways from Sherin’s presentation is how informal learning opportunities greatly impact the fostering of […]

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Identity, Respect, and Indigenous People, Oh my!

This week, Yang, Saliha, and Elizabeth rounded out our doctoral student lessons. Yang and Saliha’s lesson focused on identity and respect in science teaching, while Elizabeth discussed science teaching for students from Indigenous populations.

Have you heard Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED talk “The Dangers of a Single Story”? She’s one of my favorite authors and on me and my best friend’s list of people we need to stalk. Well, if you’ve heard Beyonce’s ***Flawless, you’ve definitely heard her brilliance. You know what I’m talking about, that speech towards the end that starts with “We teach our girls to shrink themselves, […]

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